Australia’s Story, the adventure continues

Starting late next week we start photographing for the next part of the Australia’s Story series.

Over 10 days we will be capturing the vast and fierce southern coastal edge of Australia. Starting in Alice Springs with sunrise and ending in Perth the journey will go via Port Augusta to Whyalla and from then on attempt to hug the coastline right around.

As with Centre to Sea and Coast to Core this will be mostly a time-lapse film. The goal is to capture more interviews and adventures with locals to mix in with driving, hand held and static time-lapses. The film will be available in two viewing methods. One as a series of episodes covering sections and the other as a continual experience.

I am really hoping that Anthea, the awesome musician and composer who has created the previous sound tracks will be able to come along and experience the adventure first hand.

So if you live ( or know someone who lives ) along that vast rugged coastline and are brave enough to be part of the film call us on +61 437 449912 or use one of the various web methods.

Where possible we will post social network updates along the way so you can watch the progress.

More information coming soon.


About Cy Starkman

Location: Central Australia Mobile: +61 437 44 99 12
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