Coast to Core day 1b Port Kembla to Tathra

5 moments from the first day of coast to core

a small rest turned into expansive beauty at a lookout on the shoulder of the highway. in the moving version you can really see the cows do their thing out on the hill as the clouds shoot round the rolling emerald and adjoining blue seas

you grab a sunset where you can get one i say and when you are east in a place you have never been lucking the prime spot is impossible without a local. mine ended up in the car park of a boat club in batemans bay. i had wanted to make it further south but i had an hour sleep in the clearing under giant power lines.

the highways come aglow at night, this night was an eerie experience, along crossings at water level, through mountain passes and down the highways with the trucks and other brave souls. this is somewhere south of moruya.

the tranquility of this moment at narooma was in complete contrast to the next scene where i went to the other side of the harbour and met a rugged and very small spit complete with huge warning signs advising of the eyes wide reality that you were about to be swept away by the force of the ocean it held back. i had the feeling the town had lost more than one soul on the lonely bit of rock.

finally here is dicksons park at bermagui, i was totally alone with these huge pines and the moon. well alone except for an intense cold wind and the consuming roar of ocean against rock. the day ended with a very slow journey through the tiny roads and what felt like constant wildlife of a mountainous national park and to puzzle out where to shoot sunrise before i fell asleep at the wheel.


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