Day 3 Port Lincoln

What a beautiful day.

First thing, Port Lincoln has lovely people. Friendly, helpful, good natured. Second thing, this part of the world is visually awesome.

On the way down from whyalla yesterday we hopped from bay to bay, long stretches of white sand, remote beach shacks, dunes, cliffs backed by the ever closer southern ocean. We were still very tired from the hot drive through the centre and it showed.

After getting some essential things done and getting in late we scooted off to Wanna Lookout in Lincoln National Park for sunset and a cooked dinner. That headland is awe inspiring, we would have stayed to shoot the stars if not so tired and in need of a shower.

Sunrise was from Whites Hill in Port Lincoln, I discovered by reading a post by a local politician (Liz?). What I discovered up on Whites Hill is another thing.

Sunrise was about to start and two cars turn up. One guy seems to be taking photos. The other guy starts pulling out a microwave dish and boxes. I spoke to both.

The guy taking photos was a local, he fishes prawn and oyster. Had a great talk about the town and surrounds and he shared a special story about the boat moored in the main bay advertising swimming with tuna. Originally it was his uncle’s boat. That boat has sunk more times than i have had cars, but it keeps coming back for another life. I did not get his name sadly, but he was doing a time-lapse on his iPhone, inspired by a work friend who chases storms and takes photos.

The other guy, well his name is Rex. He was up there to break an Australian record for microwave communication. He succeeded. Check out the interview about what he was doing on YouTube.

After that we adventured around Whalers Way and then onto the Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm, thank you to Helen at TruEnergy for helping us get permission and to Craig on the ground for showing us around this afternoon. Here is a short intro to the farm.

And a small snippet of Whalers Way, Cape Wiles, bedroom of the fur seals, who were out fishing today.

Photo tastes and other snippets for the day available on the CyTV Facebook page, hit the like button on the right of the blog to get updates.


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