Out of range, journey’s end

It was not easy to post updates for the last few days as they were spent out of any mobile range. Over the next week I will do some detailed posts covering videos shot along the way and some focus pieces on interviews and other key events.

Flying out of Perth as I write, well boarding at least.

Well. Journey’s end. Drive up to Perth and fly out. Surprising to me is that this film doesn’t include Perth. Nope. It stops at windy harbour and the last gasps of the sun. I’ve tried to find a reason but um, turns out that is not what this film is about. Perth is in another film about the west coast. This one is about the wind.

Thank you to the southern edge of Australia and the wind that had shaped the cliffs, land, beaches, plants and people. I feel the wind much more now, playful, strong, vocal. It brings us scent, seed, change and the very breath that gives life to us all. You are at once a powerful friend and a force to be respected.

Thank you, friends and watchers for following the updates, i hope you enjoy the finished product.

Thanks to Anthea for bravely stepping out of her comfort zone and coming along. Making these is far from a holiday.

Thanks also to the beautiful people along the way. Your country has made you open and friendly with a loyalty to the lands that you live in. Welcoming and protective of it.

The film is called Wind Blown Land. A play on.. well I will let you guess.


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