Wind Blown – The Filming

Wanna Lookout, Port Lincoln National Park, SA. Quick and dirty on iPhone

The equipment

This technical video was shot prior to leaving to film. The actual equipment used varied due to a lost in transit delivery and some realities of the vehicle. You might be thinking that the most important thing is how impressive your camera is but that is upside down. At the top of the importance chain is energy. How much do you need, how long will it last, is it reliable and if you need to adjust the source (such as a battery) how will it effect the filming. Remember, if you use something at 100% it will strain and die. I aim for 50% usage, so if I need 150w the supply I use provides 300w.

After you have things powered, the next important issue becomes heat. Not only are your devices in constant use, the ambient heat levels of your shooting environment are going to effect matters. If you are in a car, the glass and engine are going to magnify that dramatically. It is a good idea to investigate how your devices manage heat, do they draw in air, are the surfaces heat sinks, where are the vents. Resolving heat issues is fun. I have used ice trays with hard drives and plumbing pipe to direct air over laptops. Strain comes into play again. A device operating at 100% will cook.

Third is how to secure equipment. This is not as straight forward as it sounds because the easiest way to tie down gear will cause it to heat up. You need to secure devices with relevant air spaces. Securing equipment isn’t just about a jittery camera either. Consider hard drives and other components that will be effected. Would you be willing to copy a file while shaking your laptop as hard as you can? Probably not. When securing consider accessibility, you might need to be able to access ports, some items may need to be frequently moved and then re-secured.

After you have researched and experimented with these issues finally you have safety. Your’s and the equipment’s, both are intertwined. Well actually you want to make sure they don’t become intertwined. Tripping over a cable can be an expensive disaster (though visually entertaining). If you are in motion it becomes way more serious. How might you deal with a cable tangle around the gear stick when you suddenly need drop from 5th to 3rd due to the unexpected.

The issues are uniquely related to your equipment and the shooting environment but in my humble opinion they outrank the gear in importance.

Equipment calmly resting on a table (HD available)

Vehicle setup

I had intended to shoot this tech piece before leaving, turns out I shot it at the end. This worked out well because you get to see the outcome of shaking everything to bits, trying to cook it, grind it and coat it in salt and dirt. There is not a lot to say about this, it is better to see the conseqences. What I will quickly say is check and double check your vehicle. During the filming of “Wind Blown” we drove 5000km in harsh conditions and even though I did double check, I missed something that could have been a disaster.

The Daihatsu Feroza survived (HD available)


After a night shooting the stars I shot this near Caiguna while capturing sunrise. What did I learn from this film, what will I change in the future. Of course there are new toys desired. It is curious watching the video, I reflect on the reflection that I was a bit exhausted, dehydrated and experiencing mild sun stroke. Just a wee bit. I will let me speak for myself.


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