My open invite sent to Mr Cook CEO of Apple help him see it

From: Cy Starkman

Subject: 20,000,000 developers?

Date: 7 August 2012 12:12:24 PM ACST


Good evening Mr. Cook,

Apologies for not getting one of these invites to you earlier. I have tried to call Apple directly and more discreetly, but naturally no success is to be found that way.

I understand the obvious issues, such as;

  • We don’t want to manage 20,000,000 developers
  • If we have 100 people on the approval team now, we would need 10,000, that is absurd
  • We have 1 billion apps now that cover everything, it is madness to have 100 billion
  • Reports suggest 400,000 apps have never been downloaded, it is already over saturated
  • More developers and apps do not mean more revenue, that is determined by sales not suppliers
  • This would destroy the ecosystem
  • Are there even that many capable developers in the world
  • Who does this clown think he is

I agree and still I would like to show you how to add 20 million developers. For humour, bring rotten tomatoes to throw if I prove to be a time wasting idiot.

I can show Apple Inc. a solution in 15 minutes or less that;

  • solves app diversity (1700+ flashlight apps)
  • solves app discovery (400,000 never downloaded)
  • has minimal impact on the app approval team
  • will expand not dilute the revenue in the ecosystem
  • leverages existing Apple technologies and platforms
  • can be rapidly implemented by a small team
  • can be patented
In humility,
Cy Starkman
+61 437 449912
love is white paper, passion the coloured crayons

About Cy Starkman

Location: Central Australia Mobile: +61 437 44 99 12
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