I will swap you a $4 trillion dollar economy for a cup of tea

For the last 3 months CyTV has been running an experiment. On offer is the follow up platform to the AppStore, in exchange CyTV asked for a cup of tea and a chat.

Unfortunately the xenophobic and insular culture of big tech destroys value and stone walls innovation. To the point where for the price of a cup of tea they have to turn down a $4 trillion economy.

This huge waste of innovation and money is not limited to Apple. To test other companies and raise awareness, CyTV is now releasing from its stockpile of communications and technology platforms, initially targeting appropriate existing platform owners. Those not received will be released to the community.

Please enjoy, if you integrate this into your platform, attribution will suffice. If you would like the fine details intentionally omitted then a cup of tea and a chat is the place to start.

Who will be targeted next, will they have the capacity to make a cup of tea?



About Cy Starkman

Location: Central Australia Mobile: +61 437 44 99 12
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