Coast to Core

February 2010

after completing centre to sea and testing what was learned on the road from rosebank to nelson it was time to put those experiences into practice.

coast to core was filmed using a combination of moving, static and hand held time lapse techniques along with small experimental interviews. just as with centre to sea we had cyclone olga form a massive rain depression with its southern most spiral arms chasing us to south australia.

this part of the Australia’s Story series shows the south eastern coastline, going down side streets and through the coastal cities and towns to keep the ocean as close as possible all the way around to adelaide. from there we took the most direct route to the flinders range national park and on via south lake eyre and the oodnadatta track to alice springs.

Day 1

starting out with sunrise at manly beach in sydney we travel across the harbour bridge and south through tunnels and freeways to find the coast again at kyeemagh. from the urban intense directly into the windy green of royal national park to burst out, high up at otford lookout with the morning sun pouring colour into the land and ocean. it was a day out for the mx5 club also.

after soaking in the vista we beach hop all the way south stopping to see campers, surfers and the morning quiet of the ocean. a short rest at woolongong to take in the beach line from flagstaff hill looking south down to the metal refineries. boats, people and exhaust stacks play out under a gathering sky.

port kembla’s hill 60 is a prime spot for hang gliding, parasails and all thing air borne. talk about brave, meet the german parasailer who was disabled while hang gliding only to design a wheel chair and harness so she could keep going up in the air. the view offers an insight into ocean currents and was made more awesome by another brave man who went up in the buffeting winds for us.

from there on to the kiama blow hole for a spot of people watching and on again south to a lookout over werri beach with cows frolicking on the rolling green hills. On to boat harbour reserve for some more ocean time before hitting the highway to nowra, down to jervis bay and a windy afternoon overlooking the arcing beach of mollymook.

we only just made it to batemans bay for a painted sunset facing west in a car park and then an amble into twilight through catalina to guerrilla bay. night came, changing the tone as the light trails lengthened and the road a luminous snake against the inky black.

following the highway from moruya to narooma the scene becomes one of contrasts. the tranquility of the moon over a harbour, boats gently moving and the only sound an occasional plop in the water. yet just beyond the discovery of an ocean vast, crashing against the blackness of a thin sea wall. the warning signs were very clear about the presence of imminent death. we left promptly.

the day’s journey concludes with two sequences that visually appear serene. two pine trees and a moon over the pacific at bermagui and a misty mountain trail through the state forest to tathra. dickinson park is a headland rise with whipping wind and the constant white noise of crashing waves. the trail, a slow, sleepy drive with wild life at every turn. none were killed, including us.


Look forward to your feedback

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