What is CyTV


late one night in 1991 sitting on a lounge in tennyson, brisbane watching a tv tuned to a dead channel i had an idea. Over the last 20 years that idea has evolved into a range of inventions, methods and models for advanced communication and community using digital platforms.

Current Projects

CyTV is pushing the boundaries of timelapse and long exposure photography. The goal is to communicate the relationships in life, country and events. Perhaps counter-intuitively compressing time and space lets us take on more information not less. Clouds that just seemed to sit there for an hour now show their life cycle; the endless road reveals it’s patchwork nature as you see the desert change to coast, trees getting taller.

in 2009 after many tests, the 60,000 frame centre to sea was attempted and is available on line. From what was learned the 160,000 frame coast to core was shot in 2010, still in edit from being overwhelmed for the last two years with distractions. That has passed now so on with the show.

2010 we attempted to crowd source funds for an ambitious project flying from sydney to broome in one day. Though originally planned for a few years later the impetus was the youtube project “life in a day”. I did not succeed, but the response was heartening including an oppotunity to speak with dick smith. A lot was learned about the flight component and aerial photography issues as well. So it turns out this project is still on track.

Now comes the coast to perth, we shall find out the adventure’s name on the way.


Look forward to your feedback

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