Wind Blown

January 2012

Third in the Australia’s Story series. “Wind Blown” crosses the country from Central Australia to the most South West point, Windy Harbour in Western Australia. Covering the vast central plains through the Northern Territory and South Australia to the diverse coastline of the Eyre Peninsula. From there west across the nullabor highway with ocean highlights of the Southern Ocean meeting the Great Australian Bight and its massive cliffs. Ending with the south west coast and forests of Western Australia from Esperence through to the Tingle forests of Walpole and ending at Windy Harbour.

Shot over 7 days during mid January 2012 we took over 170,000 photos at 1 to 2 second intervals using a variety of techniques to capture the landscapes and their relationships. Interestingly the main actor in this film is invisible, the wind. It has shaped the coast, directs the ocean, evolved the plants and defines the people who live with it daily. Hot as a furnance and cold as ice, harsh, playful and ever present. It carries life and delivers subtlety to the senses across long distances if you are quiet enough to take in its sounds and smells.

Sponsors and Supporters

Due to the generous permission of TruEnergy and Acciona we had access to the Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm, south west of Port Lincoln. The sequences reveal a secret life of the wind turbines as they engage The Wind rushing up 120m high cliffs from the ocean. The turbines stand 60m themselves making for towering images that capture the powerful forces at play. Link to TruEnergy

The film was sponsored in part by Marie Bout, Nathan King, Claire Bastin, Kerry Wood and Chris Jones. Technical support was provided by Ray Tabreck Auto Electrics, Alicetronics and Alice Camera House. Special thanks also to the locals along the way and in particular Maddie, her brother and the crew from Penong for a lovely afternoon and excellent advice, we look forward to returning and spending more time capturing the incredible beauty of the place you live. Finally to Jess at Port Lincoln Tourist Information Centre without whom some less accessible places would have been missed.


It was the intention of the film making process to include a range of interviews, though factors such as the vast spaces between populations and the intensity of the wind made that less possible. Some real stand outs were achieved, we would like to thank Rex Moncur for pushing the boundaries and Sonny from Head of Bight Whale Centre. Link to Centre

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